On the capitalist aspect of urban development.

ENSAL.Mémoire d’initiation à la recherche
Year : 2013
Tutor : Corine Vedrine

This work deals with the relations between the architecture and the capitalism. How does capitalistic ideology influence the architectural decisions and how does the capital sculpting our cities? From the Marxist reading of the city space, the new perspective on the urban project is proposed. This concept is then applied to the case study. The workshop of the century Stuttgart-Ulm and the urban and infrastructural project Stuttgart 21 are examined, as well as the resistance movement, caused by the project. The alienation of the space under various forms, unequal territory development, exhaustion of natural resources and nature degradation are among the consequences of the capitalist effects on the city. The case of resistance in Stuttgart is linked with the other opposition cases against megaprojects around the world. Some examples of the urban anticapitalist initiatives are cited in the conclusion.
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