Open Me

Location : Hannover, Germany
Project : Exhibition stand for University of Stuttgart
Year : 2014
Context: University of Stuttgart, Architecture and City Planning department
Professor : Franziska Ullmann
Proposal for the exhibition stand for Uni Stuttgart to be represented in the Science and Research Fair in April 2015 with later reuse for future exhibitions.
The design needed to be light to transport, easy to built up and adapt to different exhibition surfaces (30 to 70 m2). The idea was a compact solution recalling a Box of knowledge. One could open it and get some information about the University in a playful and interactive way. Through interacting with the Box, the visitor becomes a researcher himself. Different medias and channels of communication are used: video projections, exhibits, audio and visual material.
The white box made of translucent Corian© is lit from inside and divided from the rest of fair space by light curtain made of layers of fine acrylic tubes.