Espoirs partagés

Location : Villeurbanne (69) France
Year : 2012
Context: Higher Architecture School of Lyon (ENSAL), 3rd year
Tutor : Alain Douanmanivanh
Team : Daria Lafosse, Viria Leang, Liudmila Safina

The site is located in the suburb of Lyon metropolis. The analysis showed that the place is facing the multitude of tensions : from inter-generation crack, through the morphology incompatibility and territory functional cut. The project tend to link the cultural center of the quarter with another art center through the green path. Public and green spaces are linking the whole, the waste land is converted to the vast urban park.
The plot was divided in 4 parts : each team member was working on a single part according to the common rools.

1:Daria Lafosse
2:Viria Leang
3:Liudmila Safina
4:Common ground_park

The images below show design process.